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Dermorevision is the one and only non-invasive dermal rejuvenation system based on Regenerative Medicine.
Dermorevision is a progressive non-invasive scientific professional methodology that supports and boost the natural self Régénération ability of our skin.
Dermorevision formulations are the result of cooperation between American scientists and The SkinCare Clinic of Switzerland, a leading clinical research facility founded in Lugano, Switzerland in 1987.
Dermorevision concept of cellular regeneration originated from advanced "Regenerative Medicine", a branch of integrative medicine that aim to the regeneration of the body at cellular level, fixing the root cause of illness; this form of medicine is very popular in Switzerland.
In Regenerative Medicine is believed that the body has the ability to heal at cellular level if disturbing factors are eliminated and nutritional and energetic (ATP/oxygen) support is given. Like a training program of "Remise en forme" the Dermorevision System is progressive, meaning that there is a constant improvement of the conditions and rejuvenation of the appearance of the skin. The improvement gets better and better over time.
The Dermorevision system is extremely simple and the results are fast and safe.
The Dermorevision "Remise en forme" is achieved with a combination of a preparatory homecare (prepping) and 6+3 professional sessions.