Clinical Manufacturing Laboratories

USA Clinical Manufacturing Laboratory
For over 3 decades our clients have experienced the ultimate perfection of our pure formulations.
Every single product is a result of constant innovation and search for perfection.
There are a set of standardized procedures that ensure the incomparable effectiveness and purity of all Dermorevision® topical formulas.
Our topical formulations are manufactured only and exclusively with pure raw materials. The raw materials are accepted by our technicians only if uncontaminated and clinically certified as 100% pure.
After receiving the pure raw material it then goes trough further testings from the lab technicians. When all is cleared the formula is carefully prepared using state of the art equipments; the formula is then infused with natural protective molecules to ensure purity over time. The formula is then clinically tested by a third part laboratory before leaving our laboratory.
All the formulations sold in the EU are registered and comply with the EU requirements.