Clinical Swiss Skin Research

Skin regeneration from inside out!TM
The SkinCare Clinic of Switzerland, Medical SPA, is the clinical research facility for the testing of the Dermorevision Methodology. The goal of Dermorevision Methodology is the regeneration of the deeper layers of the skin. As a plant, if only the leaves are treated, this may only lead to a temporary improvement; years of sun damage and use of inferior skincare products can deeply affect the physiology of the skin matrix. The skin we see with naked eyes is just the result of what the "matrix" produce. Many skin care company don't understand this principle and their (unrealistic) claims that sound like "better skin in 2 weeks" and such.
To see the result of clinical ingredients we need to allow the matrix to produce new cells and for those fresh cells to take the place of the old one: in a healthy individual of 30 years old this would take approximately 90 days; this time will be considerable longer in subjects of older anagraphic and biological age.
As you can see in the following uv-gram and infra-gram Dermorevision focus its goal in the regeneration of the matrix, the deeper layers of the skin.

The Skincare Clinic of Switzerland has a continuous interaction with the leading scientist & formulators of Dermorevision to constantly upgrade and improve the professional methodology.

Below two examples of the extraordinary regeneration of the skin achieved with Dermorevision®.