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Our exclusive SpinTraps® Technology
As claimed in the cover article of 'Time Magazine'(1), oxidative stress/inflammation is considered the root cause of several degenerative diseases and aging ("inflammaging").
Spin Traps® are a group of powerful free radical scavengers that are considered "futuristic" by scientists(2), as they not just neutralize antioxidants, but have an unique way of buffering and recycling free radicals into 'Spin Adducts' for positive chemical reactions in the skin.
Spin Traps® has been found to inhibit the protein complex (NF-kB) that stimulates and increases inflammation.
Dermorevision® offers several high-potency topical technologies with our exclusive SpinTraps®.

(1) Inflammation: "The Secret Killer.
(2) Facing the Future/"The wrinkle cure". N. J. Perricone
Spin Traps® Masque
Is a natural blend of antioxidant from botanicals compounded with our own, exclusive, Spin Traps®. Used 2-3 a week Spin Traps® Masque is a powerful anti-aging and rejuvenating support.

EFAlift® Nourishing Serum
A powerful synergy of our exclusive Spin Traps®, Biological Essential Fatty Acids and Fruit Antioxidant, EFAlift Nourishing Serum is a cult for its ability to soften the visibility of fine lines, reducing the visibility of pores and donating a deep hydration that plumps the skin.

Spin Traps® Rejuvenating Eye Creme
Features a uniquely rich, buttery mousselike texture. Its brilliant intracellular delivery system guarantees a deep absorption in the skin that brings quality nourishment to the skin and keeps it deeply hydrated.

Spin Traps® Rejuvenating Face Creme
Maximal comfort and protection for very dry or dehydrated skin; this creme is highly nourishing and its ideal as a complement of any rejuvenating, brightening and remodeling protocols. Spin Traps® Rejuvenating Face Creme delivers a dewy, sensual and you're looking finishing to the skin.

This reach serum featuring SpinTraps® was designed by our team of scientists to create a sequence of biochemical reactions that will rapidly tone, ridensify and lift the facial skin, neck and areas around the eyes.
Aminox® is a very complex product that helps to stimulate skin' elasticity and firmness while fighting glycation and suppressing the damage of MMPs.